Female Education in Pakistan

Education is the most important issue for the categorization of nations as good and is of great significance in the development of human society. It should be acquired by both; male and female in order to make progress in the country. As Pakistan is a Muslim country so it is also mandatory in Pakistan to educate every person irrespective of whether that person is a male or a female because education is compulsory for every man and woman in Islam.

Women play a great role in the progress of the human society and they are not at all inferior to men in any respect. But there are many problems in Pakistan due to which the issue of women education is not given much importance and some parts of Southern Pakistan and many other regions have fully banned female education. This is quite an unfortunate condition.

Female Education in Pakistan

Female Education in Pakistan

The issue of female education is one of the main issues of Pakistan which is not discussed very often. There are several issues and problems of female education in Pakistan which are discussed below.

Problems of Female Education in Pakistan:

  • 1.      Poverty:

Poverty is one of the main issues in female education in Pakistan as it is a poor country and poverty is the mother of all problems. We cannot ignore this problem, due to this most of the people do not get the opportunity to educate their children as they can’t afford their fee.

  • 2.      Problems of Separate Schools:

In our society coeducation is not considered good for girls and most of the families do not allow girls to go in coeducation institutes for acquiring education. It is not possible to make separate schools for girls and boys in some of the very poor areas due to which people don’t allow females to go to the schools and colleges if there is coeducation system.

  • 3.      Honour:

Honour is also a problem in some areas of Pakistan. Such a society in which women going out of their houses is not considered good for the families does not allow women education.

  • 4.      No Schools in the Area:

There is a simple reason that creates problems in female education that there are no schools in the area and hence girls can’t go to schools.

  • 5.      Females for Household Work:

Mostly people have the concept that female children are for doing household work and therefore they should only be good in that work. By this thinking people do not let girls to go to schools as they think that they might avoid their household work, which is a necessity.

  • 6.      Fear of Extremists:

In some parts of Pakistan, particularly KPK and FATA, extremists groups have attacked many girls’ schools and thousands of students of lost their lives while studying. Such groups are against female education as well as they have threatened Governments and schools to stop female education and they do not allow women to step out of their houses. An example of this problem is the situation with Malala Yousafzai, who had been attacked by extremists for struggling for female education.

There may be many more reasons, reasons that are big or small, significant or insignificant but the main point is the realization for possible changes and interventions. The interventions and reforms to allow and promote girls’ education should be there is Pakistan. No country could make progress when half of the country is illiterate, i.e., the females of a country. Female education in Pakistan could lead to changing situation in our country and may lead it to the paths of progress.

Pakistan is much beyond in educating girls as compared to the developed and prosperous countries and we are sure to prosper if more and more people are educated in our country irrespective of whether they are male or female.

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