Educational Problems In Pakistan And Their Solution

Education is the key foundation upon which the infrastructure of the various agencies of a state is built. With a good educational system a nation can progress to its peak, and mark its way towards development. The main objective of an education system is to groom up a youth that is well educated and has the capability to cope with the changing conditions of the world. Unfortunately, the education system in Pakistan has been in doldrums, the literacy rate of Pakistan by far is 55 percent placing Pakistan on 113th spot in world ranking.

Educational System in Pakistan is subject to numerous flaws because its dividing people into various groups with the rich going to institutes with Cambridge system e.g. Beacon house school system, Atchison etc….,middle class to a bit more affordable private institutes  and the poor ones are left behind who then join the government institutes, with poor educational faculties, with the outcome that English medium schools students learn least about Islam but they gather  a sound knowledge of outside world ,On the contrary  there is a third kind of system running i.e. system of MADRASSAS imparting children solely with religious education and no emphasis on modern studies, producing a generation that knows well about religion but is deprived of essential modern education.

Educational Problems In Pakistan And Their Solution

Educational Problems In Pakistan And Their Solution

As the medium of education offered by all institutes is not the same, it leads to conflicts among the classes and sense of deprivation especially among the poor ones. This continues at higher education level as well, e.g. LUMS, IBA, GIKI etc these institutions are meant for the elite class, developing social class differences between the students of lower class institutes who might have better abilities and caliber than the students of these institutes, but their intelligence goes neglected, resulting in a waste of talent that could bring Pakistan to the best of its Success and development.

Moreover the examination system is nor fair and just. Corruption and bigotry prevail our education system at all levels, If you have contacts and resources you can climb up to as high a level of success as you desire, it is the poor and middle class that suffers always, and the Government seems to have turned deaf ear to the wimping of these deprived people.

This rather uneven education system must be eradicated, which is the root cause of dysfunction education system of PAKISTAN. Education of same standard and layout must be imparted to each and every citizen of Pakistan devoid of social Class and status, this will create a just and even environment  for education , friendly to all whether rich or poor, So.

That real genius mind of Youth could be brought to light. A balance between modern studies and Religious education must be maintained, So that a best breed of youngsters which is best capable to cope with the world can be produced. And Pakistan can carve its way as a successful, developed and well-educated state in the map of this world.

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  1. muhammad ayaz

    Apr 14. 2014

    it is true that pakistan faced hurdles in the way of education but it is noteted here that indivuals and society has also to play great rol in the educationalision of the people.if our society combine and the rich peoples donate mony for schols and poor studends then very soon our pakistan will be a develop country through education.

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